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GHA Korean Martial Arts Academy

Welcome! The GHA Korean Martial Arts HapKiDo Academy (KMA) provides some of the most comprehensive martial arts training available today. KMA was founded in 1979 by Senior Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee. HapKiDo is a practical and effective method of self-defense which can be customized to suit the athletic abilities of its practitioners. The style incorporates techniques and training geared toward making a practitioner effective in each of three zones – standing, grabbing or clinching and on the ground. Strikes, joint locks, throws, chokes and pressure point targeting are taught throughout the curriculum, with the ultimate goal of making a practitioner truly effective in modern, realistic survival situations.

As a traditional martial arts system, HapKiDo also incorporates a focus on the development of positive personality characteristics, such as self-discipline, self-improvement, compassion and respect for others and control over one's actions. Our instructors seek to develop each student's self-confidence by showing them patience and respect, and by cultivating a positive learning environment. Younger students who may be apprehensive about beginning a martial arts program will find themselves at ease very quickly in our school. Our students develop bonds of friendship with each other and constantly urge one another to perform at their best.

The Korean Martial Arts Hap Ki Do Academy is the home of the GLOBAL HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION, an international martial arts organization, founded by Senior Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee. The Korean Martial Arts Hap Ki Do Academy located in Battle Creek, Michigan USA.  

GHA is proud to announce the 2014 GLOBAL HAPKIDO CHAMPIONSHIP coming to Wings Stadium on July 26 and 27,  2014 in Kalamazoo, Michigan USA. Competitors from all forms of Martial Arts are invited to attend. There will be events for everyone to compete including High Falling, Long Falling, Weapons and Empty Hand Forms and more. For more information about the event, go to the GHA website by clicking on the link above. You can REGISTER for the event by clicking on the poster to the right.