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KMA Hap Ki Do

¡INICIAMOS CLASES SABATINAS! ¿Te gustaría aprender Hapkido, pero no tienes tiempo entre semana? A partir de este sábado 25 de mayo iniciamos con clases sabatinas de 3:00 a 5:00 pm. ¡VEN A UNA CLASE DE PRUEBA GRATUITA Y APRENDE A DEFENDERTE! ?? Manda un mensaje para más información ?? https://www.facebook.com/​hapkidocumbres/​photos/​a.498842250563973/​652558245192372/​?type=3
May 22, 2019

KMA Hap Ki Do

I am hoping that I got all the videos posted from Gup testing on Saturday. Going through them was glad to see everyone kept on trying and didn't give up. You can see the improvement with everyone in everything they do. They also did a great job.
May 19, 2019